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”Excalibur Asset Management manages hedge funds that give stable performance over the long term with low correlation to traditional equity and fixed income funds.”

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Excalibur Asset Management manages two hedge funds: Excalibur and Trude. These funds are looking to exploit opportunities in international fixed income markets. The funds have an absolute return profile aiming to deliver stable and positive returns independent of the performance of equities, fixed income, commodities and currencies. On the back of the competence and experience of our investment managers, we offer investment products targeting institutional investors who value our deep competence and strong commitment and are looking for stable returns with a low risk profile.

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Excalibur & Trude - what is the difference?

The macro hedge fund Excalibur is our flagship fund and has traded live since 2001. It aims to deliver 3-5 percent return above the reference interest rate annually. The fund invests in highly liquid fixed income securities listed on exchanges in Sweden, Europe and the US. Positions are initiated based on our assessment of the macroeconomic environment and central bank actions.

The credit hedge fund Trude is a newly added fund launched in the autumn of 2015. After a long period of declining interest rates and tightening credit spreads and with regulators putting more requirements into action, we see good opportunities for a credit hedge fund that is independent of market direction. With the use of advanced quantitative models and thorough credit analysis our aim is to generate a return of 5-10 percent annually above the reference interest rate.

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Our Macro Hedge Fund with an absolute return focus aiming for a yield of 3-5 percent above the reference rate with low risk.

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Our Credit Hedge Fund with an absolute return focus aiming for a yield of 5-10 percent above the reference rate with medium high risk.

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  • In 2019 -1,94 %
  • Last 12 months -2,78 %
  • Since inception +116,37 %
  • NAV rate 11 751,08
  • August -1,53 %
  • In 2019 -4,09 %
  • Last 12 months -5,47 %
  • Since inception -10,48 %
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