Thomas Pohjanen

CEO and Partner, Excalibur Asset Management AB. Graduated from Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana USA and B.Sc. in economics from Uppsala University. Thomas has worked in the financial industry since 1986. Between 1989-1993, Thomas was responsible for the fixed income proprietary trading at the Nordbanken US branch. He then was responsible for MeritaNordbanken’s global fixed income trading up until 2000. Since 2001 Thomas is portfolio manager of the Excalibur Fixed Income fund.


Björn Suurwee

Deputy CEO and Partner, Excalibur Asset Management AB. B.Sc in mathematics from University of New Hampshire, USA. Björn has been active in the financial industry since 1989. Between 1989-91 he was market maker in Swedish money market instruments at SEB. From 1991-1997 he was heading the interbank at the asset management firm Aragon. Between 1997-2000 Björn was head of money market at MeritaNordbanken in Stockholm. Since 2001 he is portfolio manager of the Excalibur Fixed Income fund.

The Team

Since its inception, the fund Excalibur Fixed Income has been managed by Thomas Pohjanen and Björn Suurwee. In 1997, the two managers met and learned that they shared the same philosophy when it comes to managing fixed income instruments. They also realized that their individual competencies were highly complementary, laying a good foundation for creating a solid return profile, independent of the market environment.

In the year 2000, the two left Nordea in order to create their own hedge fund under the fund management company Lancelot. Ever since, they have continued to develop their individual strengths and created a successful concept. In 2006, Thomas and Björn left Lancelot with the purpose of having an increased ownership in their hedge fund through the support of Rune Andersson and Mellby Gård. The fund has received awards for the ability of generating long term stable performance with a low risk profile.