March monthly reports published

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March monthly reports published

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Global financial markets received new support from central banks as signals of continued soft monetary policy came in March. ECB announced plans for new long term repos which will give a welcome support to the bank sector in the Euro zone. Federal Reserve signaled an intention to leave Fed Funds unchanged for a longer period, which was a softer announcement than expected. As an immediate result equity markets rose and interest rates fell, more so after the FED announcement. The geopolitical development didn’t come to any conclusions during the month as negotiations continues between the US and China and the UK still doesn’t have a united parliament in the Brexit question.

Excalibur performance went pretty much sideways while Trude had a downturn, mainly due to the duration hedges in liquid government bonds that developed negatively as interest rates fell quite heavily during the second half of the month.

Excalibur returned -0,16% and Trude returned -1,91% in March. Log in with your password and read the entire monthly reports for Excalibur and Trude with market comments, numbers and thoughts ahead.

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